Tukaani Chopsticks

 - Jul 30, 2008
References: kayiwa.fi & yankodesign
Lots of people can't use chopsticks properly; takes practice and some skill to first, hold two sticks in your hand, and then coordinate them so they can grip the food. If you've ever struggled to eat your favorite Oriental food with chopsticks, you'll be happy to know you can do it with ease with the Tukaani chopsticks.

The Tukaani sticks are so much easier to use because they are already linked at the top, the user is holding just one not two things in the hand. "The matte surface and taut movement" allows a steady grip in the hand.

The Tukaani chopsticks is made from sterling silver. The loop allows for hanging and display. The designer is Lincoln Kayiwa who was born in Uganda, but is now based in Finland. The toucan bird's bill was his inspiration for this cutlery project.