The Chimisterie Vase Series by Elise Fouin are Beautiful and Delicate

 - Nov 3, 2012
References: elisefouin.blogspot & trendland
Beautiful and delicate, the Chimisterie Vase Series may be influenced by science, but the initial impression is purely artistic. Upon closer inspection, however, the odd shapes and intricate detailing is reminiscent of the flasks found in typical laboratories. Nevertheless, instead of holding dangerous chemicals and solutions, they are made to carry flowers.

Designed by French artist Élise Fouin and created by students in the glassblowing section at the Lycée Dorian in Paris, the Chimisterie Vase Series are made out of salvaged borosilicate glass. As she is accustomed to do, the Chimisterie Vase Series breathes new life into the discarded albeit usable material. The striking collection is currently on display at the Granville Gallery in Paris, France.