This Seat Belt Cover is Shaped Like the Belt That Chewbacca Wears

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: etsy & thisiswhyimbroke
If your favorite character from the Star Wars saga was loud, angry and furry all over, you might enjoy this Chewbacca seat belt cover.

While most fans on the Internet still can't figure out exactly what purpose the Wooky's only piece of clothing serves, it still is an iconic part of the Star Wars universe. In the galactic series, the oddly furry animal is Han Solo's partner in a small smuggling enterprise, until they run into Luke Skywalker and are convinced to help save a space princess.

This seat belt cover from Etsy creator TheCommonRoom easily attaches to your car's safety device. Fake fur and leather in different colors are used to replicate the look of Chewbacca's famous belt. The cover is about 19 inches long. This cool geeky creation can also be used as a bag strap.