Artist Bahk Seon Ghi Creates Dreamlike Fragmented Works

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: lostateminor
Korean artist Bahk Seon Ghi has mounted a beautiful charcoal art display featuring fragmented sculptures made entirely of charcoal suspended from ceilings and walls. Each piece forms a geometric shape, simple enough in form but clearly difficult to create since every piece is created from small angular pieces of charcoal.

Bahk Seon Ghi creates his pieces not just to function as sculptures, but to form beautiful and haunting shadows. Every charcoal sculpture is suspended in front of a white wall. With soft lighting beaming down onto the sculpture, elaborate shadows are cast against the bleak wall, creating a three-dimensional effect and an eerie contrast of light and dark. This contrast is further highlighted by the juxtaposition of the black sculpture against the white wall.

With his wonderful examples of charcoal art, Bahk Seon Ghi has proven that the function of traditional art materials can be abandoned to create more unique and powerful artwork.