Chaology by Tess Hurrell is Inspired by Photographed Explosions

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: tesshurrell & itsnicethat
The art series titled Chaology by Tess Hurrell was inspired by photographers' recent fascination with explosions. From exploding balloons to liquid blasts, these photographers have captured some stunning shots using high speed shutter settings. This London-based photographic artist recreates these explosions using materials like cotton, flour and string.

Chaology by Tess Hurrell specifically references events such as "Hiroshima, nuclear tests, and the space shuttle disaster as well as burning oil and white phosphorus bombs," according to her site. Each artwork features stunning detail. Although the photos are based on a simple concept, each image in the series Chaology by Tess Hurrell is very powerful. As her title suggests, each model is like a study of the chaos theory, which is captivating in and of itself.