Artist Karla Mialynne's Colored Drawings Look Like Photographs

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: instagram & imgur
Accomplished artist Karla Mialynne has an unbelievable talent for creating lifelike celebrity sketches entirely from colored pencils that look so unbelievably real it's hard to imagine they're not photographs.

It's not often that an artist use materials such as pencils and pens and create such realistic drawings that the images look as if they were actual photographs. Mialynne's talent allows her to create detailed sketches of celebrities like Rihanna and animals such as owls, rats and lizards entirely from a mix of water color, crayons and pens. To prove that her images are really made by hand Mialynne makes a point to surround the images with the materials she used to create them. Mialynne uploads photos of her work on her Instagram account for fans to check out.