Jennifer Connelly for CharityWater

Actress Jennifer Connelly stars in this very compelling public announcement for Blackbook says, "Jennifer Connelly starred in Dark Water, now she's drinking it. This PSA for is disturbing in its reality, but having the Blood Diamond starlet as the "lead" is sort of distracting. The spot's message is strong enough without needing a recognizable actress to sell it. It's the brown water in those glasses that gets our attention, not Connelly's defeated look at having to serve it to her kids. The clip was directed by Hotel Rwanda's Terry George.

I think the fact that Connelly stars in the PSA might be somewhat distracting-as indicated by this article- because she is a famous actress. But by the same token, the ad's effectiveness increases exponentially precisely because of its association with a recognizable face. So I see nothing wrong with this PSA. Au contraire. I completely applaud the gesture.