‘The Healing Power of Cat Purrs’ Reveals the Helpful Side of F

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: visual.ly & dailyinfographic
‘The Healing Power of Cat Purrs’ is a new infographic that proves that a furry friend can improve your quality of life in ways you could hardly imagine.

Cat purr vibrations range from 20-140Hz, a range that has been proven to help with many medical conditions. It’s no wonder, then, that cat purrs reduce stress, lower blood pressure, heal infections and even heal bones. That’s right—the vibrations from a cat’s purr can heal your bones. I guess the old saying, "If you put a cat in a room with a bunch of broken bones, the bones will heal," is, in fact, true.

This infographic will probably lead to many cat enthusiasts loving their kitties even more than before. Not every pet has the power to heal you, inside and out.