The Cassiopeia Peg System Lets You Design Your Own Constellation of Hooks

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: domaas-hogh
Offering more freedom than you'd get with a fixed coatrack, the Cassiopeia Peg System comes as a segmented contraption that can be configured just about any way that you like.

Made up of four lengths of birch timber, the object is joined together as one with pivoting points at the end of the stiff sections. This enables you to create three bends and crooks to form an abstract arrangement for mounting on the wall.

Once this base to the Domaas/Høgh piece has been installed, you can press a variety of dowels into it. Regularly spaced holes in the Cassiopeia Peg System have been made so that hooks can be inserted. The designers offer a collection of different shapes and colors to compliment the lighthearted item with a playful appearance.