These Car Triptych Posters are Stylish and Nerd-Chic

 - Dec 29, 2013
References: society6 & mightymega
Staermose Posters has released a new collection of car triptych posters dedicated to celebrated famous film vehicles. From the Ecto-1 from The Ghostbusters to two Batmobiles, these colorful art posters are a movie-buff and collector's dream. The three-frame portraits are lovingly rendered, with great care taken the details of each car. The time-traveling Delorian from Back to the Future has all the gears and wires and pieces of equipment, and the Interceptor from Mad Max 2 is beat-up looking and coated in dirt, reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic setting of the films.

These car triptych posters are great pieces of movie memorabilia for cult classic movies and Hollywood blockbusters alike. They are stylish and attractive additions to any bedroom, living room or hallway wall in lieu of a painting.