The Cappit Cover Protects Your Fingertips from Electrified Prongs

 - Oct 8, 2013
References: quirky
For those wall sockets that require a little bit of extra muscle and dexterity to plug in an appliance, you'll want to use the Cappit Cover. This is a really simple silicone attachment that helps protect your hands in a big way.

When you're inserting or removing a device's cord from an outlet, there's a small window of risk when you might touch the two- or three-pin end while it's electrified. This Quirky product fills this gap with a flexible buffer that acts as a shield. Simply slide the gadget's prongs through the socket-shaped plastic component with the concave side facing out; next, push the wire with its Cappit Cover into the wall and you will not accidentally come in contact with the pins. The block will bend easily to allow the full insertion of the plug.