The Capacitive Sensing Smartphone Alters for Your Convenience

 - Oct 5, 2013
References: dondesign & yankodesign
To understand the imaginative idea behind the Capacitive Sensing Smartphone, just think about what it would be like to pick up your handset and use it immediately without having to fumble with one or both hands. Consider that your cellphone might operate just as easily with the back as the front and the top as the bottom -- thus nullifying such distinctions entirely.

Richard Donaldson envisions a mobile phone that's infinitely more flexible than current models, providing a full touchscreen surface on both sides that will not misinterpret fingertip contact that's purely intended for gripping the device. To round out the smartphone concept properly, the designer included four sets of microphones and speakers and the Capacitive Sensing Smartphone even hinges open for double the display.