This Ad for Campari Cocktail Mixers Feature a Sleek and Dated Theme

 - Nov 20, 2015
References: adweek
This retro commercial promotes the indulgence of Campari cocktail mixers, which hints towards the holiday season. The ad uses no dialogue, but rather relies on the use of music and clever suggestive body language.

The ad begins with a red cocktail sitting on a white table in a white room. The camera zooms out to reveal the cocktail is upside down. A woman dressed in a red pantsuit enters the room and refuses to spill the cocktail so she uses two male assistants to carve a block of ice into the letter 'C' so she can slide to beverage glass up and off the table.

The vintage-style commercial for Campari cocktail mixers suggests that the drink is sophisticated, unique and incredibly tasty.