Nicole Lavelle's Works are Both Cheeky and Romantic

Oregon-based artist Nicole Lavelle's calligraphic art contains some of the most original and exciting works of the last few years.

Each of her creations consists of a message scribbled haphazardly onto an object that has seemingly no relation to the message itself. For example, her cheekiest work is a photograph of a squash. On the vegetable is the message: "No really, can I hit that?" This hilarious pickup line doesn't fit with the squash, and makes the viewer wonder what prompted Lavelle to write this message onto a legume. However, the best part of Lavelle's works is there is no concrete reason behind the creations; she simply creates what makes sense to her, and doesn't care whether her viewers are happy with it or not.

Each of Lavelle's works is bubbly and romantic, proving that art does not have to be distraught and melodramatic for it to be valid. Oftentimes, a few truly sincere sentences can make a viewer connect to the works way more than a series of overwrought paintings.