The Caffeine Infographic Reveals Your Daily Caffeine Consumption

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: foodbeast
To discover just how much caffeine is in your morning cup, this caffeine infographic shares just how much you're intaking before lunch.

For most people, it seems like the only way to stay awake through the day is with a morning coffee. With so much coffee going through your system, have you ever stopped to wonder how much caffeine is actually in the drink you consume? With this infographic you might discover the reason why you're so tired is because you're drinking the wrong coffee! According to this chart, McDonald's contains 9.1 mg while Starbucks contains 20.6 mg. This difference is drastic, but people choose McDonald's, not only because of their nostalgic attachment to the franchise, but also because it's a lot cheaper than most other cafés.

This chart also reveals that if you are in desperate need of a major caffeine fix, Deathwish Coffee, with 54.2 mg, will be your best friend.