The Button 2.0 Keeps Earphones From Being Yanked Out

 - Nov 4, 2012
References: shapeways & ohgizmo
Buttons haven’t changed much for the last century, but Shapeways designer Egant has revolutionized the practical, but mundane design fastener in the Button 2.0.

Most buttons serve to secure clothing -- some more aesthetically appealing than others -- but the Button 2.0 adds an extra function to this conventional piece. At approximately 1.1cm wide, the button is created slightly thicker than traditional ones, but includes a divot on one end. This allows earphones to be clipped into the indent in the button and keeps the dangling cord from dipping into your food or coffee when you are reaching for something. By keeping the cord close to your body, it also prevents the annoying wire from hooking onto random items and being painfully yanked out of your ears.