The Butter Boss Dispenses Measured Proportions for Healthier Meals

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: quirky
Since portion control is where many people go wrong in their diets, the Butter Boss would make for a very useful device to have at the dinner table. Ditch the butter dish and store your soft dairy spread inside this upright plastic container and it will double as a dispenser.

A slit with a sliding button runs up and down the length of the Quirky-made contraption and markings along it indicate volume values of teaspoons and Tablespoons. When the Butter Boss is full, glide the tab to the notation that corresponds to your preferred serving size and a piece will be sliced off with the easy motion of one hand. The squared helpings are tidy and accurately calculated and can be conveniently used to enhance your toast or a stovetop recipe.