This Bulletproof Laptop Bag Can Stop a .44 Magnum Round

 - Mar 16, 2015
References: forcetraining & gizmag
The Savior Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) is a bulletproof laptop bag that can be unfolded in seconds into a shield that can stop a .44 Magun round.

This bulletproof laptop bag, designed by the Force Training Institute, is designed to be very inconspicuous. To the naked eye, it looks like any other soft-sided laptop bag used to carry around a laptop. However, unlike your laptop bag, this one can open in seconds into a meter-long laminated Kevlar-embedded shield.

The MTS laptop bag can withstand repeated hits by handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machine gun rounds and is also embedded with Shock Pad and Kydex, making it able to thwart knife and club attacks. The outside is water and abrasion resistant and uses ballistic-grade triple-stitch nylon.

In a world full of security threats, something inconspicuous and easy to use like this bulletproof laptop bag could help save lives.