These .22 Caliber Accessories by BRZN are Subtle and Stylish

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: shop.coolmaterial
Spent bullet shell bracelets are becoming increasingly popular. These bracelets have two spent .22 caliber bullet shell casings at the ends of colorful paracord. There are a ton of products where people use bullets to make jewelry and accessories, but often they are slightly overboard and unacceptable to many. These bullet shell bracelets have been created in a subtle and tasteful manner where the accessories do look great.

These Bullet Shell Bracelets from BRZN are handmade with .22 caliber bullet casings and colorful paracord wrapped around a heavy-gauge wire. These bullet shell bracelets are firm and flexible so they will fit most wrists, they are available in a wide variety of color schemes. The bullet shell bracelets will make the perfect gift and accessory for the gun enthusiast. The subtle design ensures that it can be worn without overwhelming any style.