Bring Mahattan to Your Home with the Lovely Building Candles

 - Dec 31, 2013
References: gif & fancy
When you want to set the mood for a romantic candlelight dinner, don't reach for those plain and boring candles or tealights, use one of these incredible building candles instead.

These architectural candles are the creation of Beijing-based designer and architect Jing Jing Li and are made from white paraffin wax. With over 14 different architectural marvels immortalized in candle form, you can make your own unique incredible skyline and then set it aflame. Some of the building candles available for purchase include the Empire State Building, the Shanghai Financial Center, the Qatar Aspire Tower and the Chrysler Building.

It also bears mentioning that Jing Jing Li has made these building candles to-scale, making them the perfect gift for architecture lovers and travellers. So the next time you miss your flight to New York or Qatar, bust out your architectural candles and transport yourself there.