The Bubble Wrap Concept Fuels Community Interaction With Clean Air

 - Apr 23, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily & webecoist
A large-scale and functional air purifier like the Bubble Wrap concept is something every big city could benefit from. Bubble Wrap was designed by Andrew Tetrault and Ben Lee as a structure that uses purified air to promote public interaction.

The Bubble Wrap concept is really quite simple: Dirty air is sucked in, filtered and released into the bubbles below. As a steady source of clean air, these places are perfect spots for the public to flock to, which sets up events such as open-air markets and urban farms. How all of this would come to be remains a mystery, but the concept is a solid one that could benefit the world's richest and most crowded cities; it should definitely be pursued by the powers that be.