The Brilliant Machines Prank is Impressively Well-Executed

 - Nov 18, 2012
References: brilliantmach.tumblr
Robots seem to have been sighted at various locations in the last 24 hours. Footage captured by members of the public in LA, Pasadena and Hollywood Boulevard seems to show robots moving of their own accord, seemingly intent on reaching a destination. In reality, this is more than likely an elaborate prank done by someone skilled with stilts.

Tricking many into believing the hype and causing quite the stir, videos like these go viral due to shock value alone. The detail put into the effort is really quite impressive, and is sure to mislead many.

Despite the hoax, the public is being encouraged to stay vigilant and submit any "sightings" of robots to the Brilliant Machines website or via twitter with the #brilliantmachines hashtag.