The Latest Brian Lichtenberg Sweats Poke Fun At French Brands

Brian Lichtenberg sweats use word play and humor to act as designer impostor apparel. The activewear is meant to create a carefree association with fashion and the realm of high end goods.

Lichtenberg is infamous for toying with designer names, logos and artwork. He muddles the line between paying homage and taking a stab at the designer brands. His latest series of knit sweatshirts is a rip off of French luxury brand Céline and boasts the logo "Féline" instead with another commentary underneath that says "Meow." The jumpers are made of cotton and feature gold ink. Lichtenberg turns this sweatshirt into a funny pun and playful fashion lovers will be keen to pick one up.

Brian Lichtenberg sweats are lighthearted, are meant to stir the pot and are made in the USA.