Brian Kelley Captures the Essence of New York City

As part of a new series, titled '36 Frames,' Highsnobiety enlisted photographer Brian Kelley to capture the whirlwind metropolis of NYC in just a handful of shots.

Kelley manages lookbooks and photographic projects for San Francisco-based brand HUF. However, he has recently gotten himself a studio space with fellow photographers and friends Cole Barash, Michael Tessier and Meron Menghistab. As for his content, Kelley explains, "Mostly what I shoot on the Ricoh is taken on my daily walk or skate from my apartment to the studio. Cars, people, the occasional dog with crazy eyes, graffiti, friends and whatever else catches my eye."

Kelley's experience of New York City is proudly displayed in his photographs; they portray the grit, humanity and character of one of the most famous cities in the world.