Customize Your Scion Speak's Logo

 - Apr 2, 2008
References: scionspeak
It's all you, you, you. Well for Scion anyway, which is launching Scion Speak, which allows the car brand's enthusiasts to personalize their vehicles yet further with custom-made modern age heraldic crests reflecting their lifestyle and passions. Designed in consultation with the fiercely loyal Scion crowd and in collaboration with graffiti artist Tristan Easton, after you've come up with your personal identifier you can then print out crests can then print out to take to decal makers, or have spray painted onto their vehicles.

It speaks (excuse the pun) to a number of trends currently sweeping adland: giving things away in exchange for spending time with your brand; personalization and user generated content - in this case getting your audience to become your brand ambassador (literally producing and disseminating your identity); and brand utility, blurring the lines between advertising and product by, bluntly, making yourself useful to consumers.