The BrainShield Decal Prevents Serious Head Injuries

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: shieldxtech & gizmag
The BrainShield is a helmet decal, developed by a group of scientists and engineers at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, that prevents the head and brain injuries that can occur when the helmet wearer receives an impact at an angle. Unfortunately, regular helmets do not prevent all types of injury because head impacts are rarely straight-on and usually occur at an angle.

Applied to important areas of regular helmets, the BrainShield decal is 1 mm thick and comprises four layers. When the top layer makes contact with the surface, it slides laterally relative to the layers below, redirecting the energy of the initial impact. This prevents the helmet from being tugged to one side, reducing the likelihood of traumatic brain injuries.

Ultimately, the BrainShield decal is a winner because of how easy it is to use and how key an impact it could have on reducing head impacts and injuries.