The Brad Pitt Eating Things Tumblr Offers Delicious Eye Candy

The Brad Pitt Eating Things Tumblr combines a love for the all-American actor with everything food-related. Featuring Pitt eating a multitude of things throughout the many different roles in his career, the blog reveals that the Hollywood favorite is simply immune to looking bad.

While most people don't look their best in mid-bite, Pitt manages to still look gorgeous (and possibly even better) when he's eating. With every movie from Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ocean's Eleven to Moneyball and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this golden actor makes everyone jealous with his ability to maintain his smoulder regardless of what else he might be doing.

If you're a super fan of the actor and truly believe he looks good doing anything, then the Brad Pitt Eating Things Tumblr will reaffirm this belief and more.