Desperate Guys Seek Poolboy Jobs at Playboy Mansion

We have seen a number of consumer driven publicity events lately, where consumers create a blog or some sort of public spectacle in order to get the attention of a corporation. When these consumer driven campaigns take off, the corporations buckle and give them what they want.

The latest example comes from three (not young, desperate) guys who are trying to work at the Playboy Mansion. Will it take work? Will we see more of these campaigns?

"We are three friends trying to score jobs as PoolBoys at the Playboy Mansion. Now we need you to send us your letters of recommendation for the job interview.¨ This is the ¨innocent¨ request from three guys at their web blog, apparently done by obsessive guys asking for your help for a lucky job application. The hiding secret of this campaing will be unveils this summer...