The BOLT Padlock Only Opens Using a Specific Ignition Key

 - May 17, 2012
References: boltlock & gizmag
No one likes having to carry around enough keys to be mistaken for a janitor, nor has anyone escaped the inevitable time or two where they have forgotten the right key for a lock, but the BOLT padlock promises to eliminate all of that frustration.

The lock is operated using the ignition key from any GM, Ford and Dodge vehicle, which cuts down the amount of keyring-fillers one has to tote around.

When the key is inserted into the device, a series of spring-loaded tumblers conform to the shape of that particular key and then remain in that formation permanently thereafter. This personalized security system makes it nearly impossible for a thieving criminal to pick the lock and steal the item -- unless they get a hold of the car keys that activate the system.