Boksh Lamp Takes on an Amiable, Animalistic and Adaptable Character

 - Feb 25, 2014
References: seungyongsong
In describing the Boksh Lamp, designer Seung Yong Song compares it to a puppy from the pet store. Innocent, enthusiastic and nameless, the little critter is adopted and given an identity within its new owner's house. As such, this delightful four-legged object can be made at home as a simple stand-alone light fixture, as an illuminating side table or as part of tall and radiant bookshelf.

Made with short wooden supports and a rectangular body of translucent material, the Boksh Lamp emits a warm diffuse glow. Ever poised on its paws, the floor lamp can be moved freely about the room with its red cord for a tail trailing behind it. Stack several of the illuminators together into playful arrangements and you'll be reminded that furniture is man's other best friend.