The Blu Musical Keyboard is Designed for Baby Mozarts

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: ericpautz & tuvie
There could be a whole generation of baby Mozarts and Beethovens if the Blu Musical Keyboard were to go from concept to reality. Eric Pautz's design is a simple electronic keyboard with a twist: its keys can be rearranged at will.

The ability to rearrange the keys on the Blu Musical Keyboard is ingenious and awesome for several reasons. One reason is that in rearranging the keys on Blu, children learn logic. If a child likes the sound of two keys that are spaced far apart, then it's only logical to be able to bring them closer together.

In addition to teaching logic, the modular aspect of this keyboard would encourage children to learn to play as it lets them change the way music is made to fit their own unique style of playing. This design may seem like it's made for some far off future, but according to Pautz there are already two working prototypes in existence.