The Bless Small Hairbrush is Intriguingly Freaky

A hilariously odd product, the Bless Small Hairbrush may actually add more hair to your 'do than it takes away. Sure to only be minimally functional, this bizarre piece is hilarious and complete with eight inches of real hair.

This is a brush that comes with hair already stuck inside of it. Available in two vibrant shades of hair, blonde and an auburn color, these are sure to perplex and entice buyers. Gaining attention on the web for its decidedly offbeat style, this brush design is perhaps better understood as a piece of art than a toiletry article. Considering that these are priced at around $250, it might be wise to avoid actually using the product.

Outstandingly odd and definitely intriguing, this hairy creation is sure to pique the interest of more than a few curious minds.