'Birds With Arms' is Exactly What the Title Says

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: birdswitharms.tumblr & iywib
Just when I thought that Tumblr sites could not get any more obscure I came across 'Birds With Arms,' which is probably the weirdest and funniest compilation of images I have seen in a while.

I don’t know who’s idea it was to put arms on birds but I applaud them for their creativity. The Tumblr site features crows, seagulls, ravens and more, clenching their biceps, playing guitar and even enjoying a ravishing cup of tea. The site is filled with entirely fan-based art. To get featured all you simply have to do is Photoshop some arms on birds. It’s so weird that you have to laugh at it. I wonder what they will come up with next -- perhaps feet on fruit?