The ATRIAS Robot Doesn't Mind If You Kick It

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: & gizmag
The ATRIAS is a bipedal robot that can recover from a swift kick and keep walking, and can also handle other obstacles to boot.

A project of Oregon State University's Dynamic Robotics Laboratory, ATRIAS was built to research the science of walking and running with the goal of creating a robot that can navigate treacherous terrain in a standing, bipedal position. The design is centered around a pair of spring-loaded legs similar to pogo sticks. However this robot doesn't bounce around, instead using its legs as a suspension system and storage solution for mechanical energy.

This bipedal robot looks to be able to withstand kicks as well as dodge ball attacks. While it may be goofy looking, the goal isn't aesthetic but rather centers around creating a robot that could eventually have a range of applications in military, industry and security-related industries.