These Diapers are Composed of Jellyfish Flesh and Nanoparticles

 - Jul 25, 2014
References: timesofisrael & psfk
These biodegradable diapers are made out of jellyfish and can break down in less than 30 days. This innovation is possible due to Israeli technology developed at Tel Aviv University. Twice as absorbent as regular diapers, the Hydromash provides a possible solution to landfills. It is reported that one third of all trash in landfills is comprised of dirty diapers.

By taking jellyfish flesh and adding nanoparticles to it, it creates a 'hydromash' antibacterial substance that absorbs more and breaks down faster. These biodegradable diapers also present a solution to governments dealing with an overpopulation of jellyfish, as they are causing problems for tourism, natural habitats and even a Swedish nuclear plant. One was temporarily shut down in 2013 when a jellyfish got sucked into a cooling pipe.