Papa Sangre is the first Video Game Without Video

 - Dec 23, 2010
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Video games are in part enthralling due to stunning graphics. But what happens if you take away the video in the video gaming experience? You’re suddenly discovering the powers of one of the five sense: hearing.

Papa Sangre is a brand new gaming experience for the iPhone, made by the guys at Somethin Else, a London based digital company specializing in interactive content, radio, games, video and talent management.

Papa Sangre is built on a technique called binaural recording, which allows a user to hear sounds with an exceptional realism in terms of where they seem to come from.

Once you plug in your headphones, Papa Sangre takes you in a creepy setting, a dark castle where you’ll have to save someone important to you, and find your way to the light. Avoid monsters and weird creatures by hearing them and step away. Collect sounds by moving towards them, led by your ears.

This 90-minute gaming experience is something you won’t be forgetting that easy.