Dangerous Creations on eBay

 - May 22, 2008
References: blog.wired
You need ear protection, head protection, and you should probably wear body armor too. Bob Maddox, an artist and cabinet maker from Oregon, invented the jet-powered bicycle and started selling them on eBay. Even he is afraid to see just how fast his creations can go. He imagines they can go up to 75 mph, but the though of the cruiser bike's wheel disintegrating beneath him has kept him from attempting it.

He says the engine will run on propane, gas, kerosene, or even peanut oil. The quickly accelerating engine weighs just thirteen pounds and reaches top speed in just about 7 seconds. It burns gas at a rate of half a gallon a minute so while it's fun for a quick sprint it's not going to last long enough to make it through the morning rush hour.

Here's another rocket bike: