The 'Beon Smart Hub' Turns the Lights on and Off While on You are Away

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: beonhome & gizmodo
The 'BeON Smart Hub' is a simple home protection device that recognizes a user's daily routine and turns lights on and off accordingly. The device is a departure from complex home-connected hubs and relies on Smart LED bulbs and a smartphone-connected app.

The BeON Smart Hub works perfectly for families going on vacations who want to keep their house lit as if they were still there. This simple strategy is used by many and eliminates the need for unreliable timers or bothering neighbors. As you continue to use the bulbs, it slowly learns your daily and weekly patterns, making your home effortlessly bright as soon as you walk in. If on vacation, the lights will continue to come on but can be set at a less frequent rate to conserve energy.