Bruce Christensen Opens the World’s Only Beetlejuice Museum

 - Jan 27, 2013
References: odditycentral
The world’s only Beetlejuice museum is now open to the public, much to the enjoyment of avid fans.

Bruce Christensen is the owner of the Beetlejuice museum, which is located in his New York apartment and features upwards of 80 pieces.

The 1988 Tim Burton movie is a twisted horror-comedy about a deceased couple turned ghosts who haunt their former home. Beetlejuice is a "bio exorcist" who tries to scare off the home’s new owners for good.

While the movie found success upon release, it hasn’t found much longevity and Beetlejuice is not exactly a celebrated pop culture character.

Christensen’s attraction to Beetlejuice memorabilia started a few years after the movie’s release when he found some figurines in a local store and decided to buy every different variety.