Beautiful Multi-Coloured Spectrum USB Hub from Art.Lebedev

 - Mar 10, 2009
References: gayakuman
This great looking USB hub has just been released from the Russian design studio Art.Lebedev. The inspiration for this USB hub was based on the research of Issac Newton into prisms of light.

When a beam of light passes through a prism, the light appears to come out of the prism as a rainbow, in seven different colors. Newton concluded that prisms disperse colors. Before Newton’s time, it was believed the prism of color added to the beam of white light.

The hub carries different illuminant colors on each port, enabled by a light conductor in each socket which provides a rainbow affect on transparent USB cables. Other than its remarkable appearance and design, it is a fully functioning USB device.

Currently, there’s no indication from Art.Lebedev on cost or availability for the gadget.

It reminds me of that Pink Floyd album cover ...