- Jun 4, 2008
References: wolpertingerclothing & shoetonguez
The street couture featured in the gallery comes from German fashion house, Wolpertinger.

The line includes styles for both men and women and includes quirky albeit very hip shoes and accessories as well. The collection has lots of comfy-casual pieces featuring animals prints like leopard, and random images of antlers which act as crests.

Despite their casual look, the pieces are inbred with luxurious materials like the chinchilla lining the pink zip-up hoodie featuring the Wolpertinger logo, as seen in the gallery.

The fashion brand is named after mythical Bavarian creatures that are hybrids between all sorts of different wild animals. These creatures are said to live deep in the forest of the Bavarian mountains. They only reveal themselves under the full moon on clear, starlit nights. They can detect hunters from a long distance so it's a very rare few who have caught glimpses of them. See more on this critter of lore below: