This Batman Bruce Wayne Life Infographic is Evoluntionary

 - Jul 19, 2013
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This Batman Bruce Wayne infographic compares how much it would cost to be Batman back in 1939 when the comic was first created to now in 2013. This 'The Price of Being Batman Then & Now' infographic lays out all the costs of Bruce Wayne's lavish lifestyle to see how much it would realistically cost to be live the Batman lifestyle.

This 'The Price of Being Batman Then & Now' infographic is laid out just like the front cover of a vintage comic book. Divided down the middle, this infographic splits up the statistics of the 1939 Batman Bruce Wayne and the 2013 Dark Knight. Broken up into several categories, Batman's lifestyle costs are split up into residence, clothing, vehicles and gadgets. With the increase in Bruce Wayne's luxurious cars, gadgets and home over the years, it's no surprise that today Batman's lifestyle is valued at $135 million.