The BaseCamp Grill Harnesses Heat From its Fire to Charge Electric Devices

 - May 15, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmodo
BaseCamp is an ingenious contraption that grills food over an elevated cooking fire and also generates energy which can be used to charge electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, radios and other devices. Unlike its predecessor the CampStove, the BaseCamp uses firewood, a more environmentally friendly alternative than propane.

The contraption is embedded with a thermoelectric generator that converts heat from the fire into usable electricity. Some of this electricity is used to power a fan that blows air back into the burn chamber for improved combustion, while surplus electricity is sent to a USB port which can be used to charge gadgets and gizmos.

The stove puts out 5 Watts of power via the USB port. It also comes with a powerpack which allows you to collect energy even if you're not ready to charge your device.