Tumblr User Baseball Card Vandals Makes Jokes Out of Players

Tumblr user Baseball Card Vandals takes vintage baseball cards and makes a mockery of them. These hilarious and revamped cards will make you die of laughter.

The whole concept behind the project is to take outdated or worthless baseball cards and to poke fun at the players and the sport. Hilarious quips and doodles include players converted into political figures, musicians and with raunchy comments and drawings on their cards. Ridiculous and stand-outs from the pack include a player converted into rapper Dr. Dre with a cannabis symbol drawn on the side, another player becomes Che Guevara and the funniest one is a player turned into Rick James with his team name altered to "Phreak."

Baseball Card Vandals churns out some funny renditions of baseball cards and hopefully they will keep coming.