The Baptiste Debombourg Aérial Serves as a Reminder of History

The Baptiste Debombourg Aérial installation chills the soul. The exhibition is currently being featured at the Abbey Brauweiler in Germany. The installation is inspired by R. Martin Gard's quote, "the mind is everything. The material is the servant of spiritual." The French artist Baptiste Debombourg patiently created this piece in 420 hours using feuilleté glass, wood, nails, and white paint.

This contemporary piece uses the windows in the space to allow passing light to reflect within the space, which has gone through layers of transformation through the past century. The historically charged space has, "functioned as a beggars Institute, a concentration camp, a Cologne Gestapo prison and as a mental hospital." The shattered layered glass is loaded with multiple metaphoric and literal implications. Leaving Aérial a beautifully eerie artwork.