The Bacsac Composting Bag Holds Organic Waste in Stylish Geo-Fabric

French eco-friendly design product makers Bacsac developed this product which succeeds in the seemingly impossible task of turning composting into a stylish and comfortable endeavor. Composting -- using decomposed organic matter as fertilizer -- is a task associated with dirty hands and unpleasant odors, but the Bacsac bag turns that idea on its head.

Simply add your unwanted vegetable and fruit matter, flowers and leaves to the bag, zip it up and leave it be. The bag has handles on either side that allow you to flip it every once in a while to mix the composting material. Once composting is complete, unzip the bag to unveil your eco-friendly organic fertilizer.

The bag comes in 5.2 gallon and 10.5 gallon versions, and is made from Bacsac's signature geo-textile fabric. It was designed by Godefroy de Virieu