The Axe Multiple Girlfriends App Promotes The Brand and Your Sex Life

The Axe Multiple Girlfriends app is the newest form of brand promotion that is relatively cost-free. By clicking on the app, viewers are redirected to the Axe Facebook page where they can also download this promiscuous social media accessory.

Axe has been using sex to sell its brand image for years so it's not surprising that it has decided to transfer this mentality to the world of Facebook. Basically, the app allows you to display your relationship status as being with one woman -- as well as hundreds of others. If you click on the link of the multiple women with whom your friend is getting down and dirty, you are redirected to the Axe page where you can also download the seductive app.

The Axe Multiple Girlfriends app may decrease your popularity with the ladies, but at least the Axe brand is getting a whole lot of lovin'.