The AWD Phoenix SUT EV Debuts at FedFleet 2010

 - Jul 23, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: phoenixmotorcars & evworld
California-based Phoenix Motorcars has introduced an electric all-wheel-drive sports utility truck at FedFleet 2010. The lithium battery-electric, zero-emission AWD Phoenix SUT is freeway speed-enabled even while carrying four passengers and a full payload. 2010 models have a 70-mile range but a 100-mile range option will be available in 2011.

Current sales are fleet-targeted and if successful, the electric AWD Phoenix SUT may find a second market with eco-savvy individual consumers in need of AWD.

Implications - Through utilizing the FedFleet 2010 conference as a showcase venu, the AWD Phoenix SUT EV helps ensure the appropriate consumers are going to experience its presence. Byron Bliss -- who is the VP of Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Motorcars -- agrees that this new all-wheel drive pickup truck's electric features further its awesomeness.