The Audio Awareness App Prevents Distracted Users from Potential Harm

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: onellama & gizmag
Every day we are either victims of distracted behavior or we witness it, but Audio Aware is an aiding awareness app which is dedicated to saving pedestrians for unnecessary accidents caused by distraction.

Many of the apps on our phones provide amusement, yet this has proven to be the cause of a lot of accidents. These unfortunate accidents tie up traffic and prevent people from getting where they need to go; especially in the case of emergency vehicles. Pedestrians are often too distracted, or their music is too loud to hear sirens approaching, which causes more delays and problems. The Audio Aware app senses noises around the vicinity, like the sirens or screeching tires, and pauses the music while sending forth a word of warning. One Llama -- the company responsible for this app -- is looking to include this technology in other wearable devices in the near future.

Since this app is able to detect danger quicker than one's response time, it will prevent accidents from happening while alerting the user of the potential danger they may be in.