The AVES Inkjet Printer Transforms to Carry Out its Task

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Much design is inspired by nature, but manufacturers of hi-tech gadgets have often found it difficult to reference the earth's forms through electronics. The AVES Inkjet Printer is a remarkable exception to the convention, mimicking the dynamism and the shape of birds and plants.

The way that the eagle spreads its wings and the Bird of Paradise flower opens its brightly colored petals influenced the way that this document publisher behaves. Its task of setting ink to sheets of paper is much the same as its stationary counterparts, but the device demonstrates its status in a way that few others would.

Composed of three planes and two hinged edges, the AVES Inkjet Printer by Myo Win opens and extends as it prepares to take on a new job. Surrounded in immobile electronics, it becomes an unusual spectacle with the help of two servo motors.